Maintenance & trouble shooting

We provide the right solutions for new or existing projects.

Troubleshooting control Circuits

  • Relays, Motor Starters and Control Devices.
  • Reading and Interpreting Ladder Diagrams.
  • Power Loss.
  • Control Circuit Industrial Applications.
  • Electric Motor Drives.
  • Solenoid-Operated Valves.
  • Heating Elements.

Troubleshooting Motors

  • Most Common Motor Problems.
  • Electrical Problems.
  • Testing Windings for Shorts, Opens and Ground Faults.
  • Phase Unbalance.
  • Mechanical Problems.
  • Phase Rotation Testing

Troubleshooting Power Distribution

  • Wye and Delta Systems.
  • Over current Protection.
  • Branch Circuits.

Troubleshooting Power Quality Problems

  • Sources of Power Quality Problems.
  • Test Equipment for Troubleshooting Power Quality Problems.
  • Harmonics.

Troubleshooting Lighting Circuits

  • Lighting Terminology.
  • Types of Lighting Circuits.
  • Incandescent Lighting.
  • Fluorescent Lighting.
  • HID Lighting .

Troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Overview of PLCs.
  • Reading PLC Ladder Diagrams.
  • Status Indicators and Error Codes.
  • Force and Disable.
  • Startup Procedures.

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