Oil & Gas

As experts in the Oil and Gas industry, we provide customized solutions.

As experts in the Oil and Gas industry, we provide customized solutions which are safe and reliable and provide continuously high levels of productivity. From innovative power distribution solutions in large sites and harsh environment to SCADA and advanced control solution for onshore & offshore extraction and distribution facilities, we can also now able to improve the decision making process and deliver benefits at enterprise level. All of our solutions comply with international standards (IEC, ANSI/IEEE…), security and local requirements.

As energy demands grow and environmental and safety regulations increasingly impact Oil & Gas industries, energy-efficient operations are key. Oil & Gas players face a global resource challenge and the rising costs of energy and raw materials plus decreasing numbers of skilled employees. To ensure safety, security and reliability while protecting your bottom line, you need intelligent solutions to monitor, control and optimize your assets.

Oil & Gas Solution

  • Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions
  • Onshore scattered oil field pump automation
  • Gas Production and Operations Control and Measurement - Advanced data management serves operations and business efficiency
  • Liquids Production and Operations Control - Advanced data management serves operations
  • Subsea power distribution module
  • Pipeline Management System
  • Operating and Monitoring solutions
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions
  • Pipeline Energy Management Suite (EMAS)
  • Load shedding schemes
  • Operating and Monitoring solutions
  • Biometrics integration
  • Intercom system integration
  • Industrial communication solutions
  • Energy management solutions
  • Process safety solutions
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