Electrical Contractors

We understand the technical details of design & specification given by consultants.

Implementation of specification
We understand the technical details of design & specification given by consultants and support the contractors to implement the same.

To provide technical value addition

  • For many businesses, competitiveness is highly dependent on the technical value addition of its product or operating personnel.
  • Vendors able to offer cutting-edge technological expertise relevant to customers' operations as part of their overall “bundled” offering add more value addition for customers than competitors emphasizing product supply alone.
  • Concurrently, it is suggested that purchasing and materials management should view technical expertise as a strategic resource and adopt procurement strategies that encourage knowledge acquisition.
  • A higher level of technical knowledge is linked to more desirable decision styles and decision outcomes, suggesting that managers' technical knowledge is an important asset for firms with manufacturing or process operations.
  • Design Optimization

  • The integration of optimization techniques using numerical analytical tools and CAD is having pronounced effects on the product design process.
  • This integration has the power to reduce design costs by shifting the burden from the engineer to the computer.
  • Furthermore, the mathematical rigor of a properly implemented optimization tool can add confidence to the design process.
  • Generally, an optimization method controls a series of applications, including CAD software as well as analytical methods.
  • This combination allows for shape optimizations on CAD parts or assemblies under a wide range of physical scenarios including electrical, mechanical and thermal effects.
  • Techno - Commercial support
    In addition to technical assistance , we provide decision-making support so that contractors can select the most appropriate products, and with cost effective approach also we extend cooperative arrangements to find the best response for a given project or new solutions for complex applications

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