Consultants & Designers

We provide a number of different technical resources to aid you with your design.

City Light Switchgears L.L.C. will be pleased to assist consultants & designers in the specification process and to provide more extensive technical data w.r.t design of LV Switchboards.

Standard requirements for the design & installation of LV Switchgear system

  • Standards (enclosures, busbars, functional units & maintenance ).
  • Seismic features.
  • Corrosive atmosphere features.
  • Internal arc features.
  • Marine features.
  • Project-specific requirements.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Network electrical data.
  • To Provide Technical Expertise

  • Providing more expertise and time saving in your Electrical or Electronics design whether you are an Electrical or Mechanical Consulting Engineers.
  • Looking for accurate technical information & smart application.
  • We provide you easy, quick and cost effective solution to your client's requirements.
  • Providing tools, training, catalogues, specification files, application guides, software, etc.
  • Design Support

  • We provide a number of different technical resources to aid you with your design, including application notes, evaluation boards, software, and reference designs.
  • If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us through our local office.

  • Installation & Maintenance Support
  • Alpha Techno has grown popular in the electrical installation, testing and maintenance services.
  • Our team has been in the business for a very long time they have many years of experience and a string of satisfied customers to back them up.
  • With a highly qualified staff using the most sophisticated and top of the line tools, equipment and software we are able to carry out all the necessary installations and testing with the uttermost care.
  • After installing and testing our main job is to make sure that it is maintained in the best way which we have acclaimed great admiration.
  • We tend to maintain a very low electrical fault rate by regular inspection visits at our installations. With advanced software we are able to identify problems, produce reports and even budget cost for our respective clients.
  • About Us

    City Light Switchgears L.L.C. is an Electrical Switchgear Panel Builder, Industrial Automation system integrator, Special Purpose Machine Development, Energy Auditing & provider specialized in blending market leading products into total integrated solutions for you.


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