we put together an impressive staff of experienced engineers in all industries.

Electrical & Automation

Switchgear is the collective name provided for various switching devices used in the electrical system.

For Industrial Automation Consulting we put together an impressive staff of experienced engineers in virtually all industries.


Retrofitting jobs

We are able to offer onsite services ranging from circuit breaker repairs, circuit breaker installation, through to removal and re-installation of LV switchboards, including full commissioning tests.

Some recent examples of projects have included complete overhaul.


On site testing & commissioning

Commissioning is essential to the start up of any system for the first time, regardless of size or industry. Once equipment is installed, Electrical Testing Solutions will perform visual, mechanical, and electrical tests to help ensure trouble-free energizing of the equipment.


About Us

City Light Switchgears L.L.C. is an Electrical Switchgear Panel Builder, Industrial Automation system integrator, Special Purpose Machine Development, Energy Auditing & provider specialized in blending market leading products into total integrated solutions for you.


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