About Us

Driven by a culture based on transparency, honesty, a high focus on ethical values.

What we are

City Light Switchgears L.L.C. is a team of enthusiastic individuals who has executed many prestigious projects in various market segments such as Buildings (Residential & Commercial), Infrastructure, Utilities & Industries in India, Middle East, Europe & Africa.

Driven by a culture based on transparency, honesty, a high focus on ethical values and entrepreneurship at every level, our company is aiming to become one of most admired organizations in India and worldwide as well. City Light Switchgears L.L.C. is committed to be acknowledged as a solution provider for the widest range of product & services with premium quality of switchgear, control & automation equipments, hope to achieve success with excellence and expertise in the electrical industry.

Our Objectives

A team of enthusiastic individuals who has executed many prestigious projects.

Solution Provider

We have adopted a solution strategy which is highly attractive & differentiating. We give a sharp focus on ascertaining the customer's needs through a consultative approach – one designed to profitably put the appropriate combination of products and services together to solve that customer's problem. We have expertise & highly skilled, cross-functional individuals who understand products, services, and the prospect's industry – who can design creative solutions and business cases for our customer.

Value for your money

Our special attention to build quality and reliability wins customer confidence gradually. We emphase on technology development and production efficiency results in up-to-date products and good value for money. That's why our product capture a lot of brains if not hearts. Our products & services are renowned for good value for money, offering competitive performance and features at affordable prices.

Quality Product/Services

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it all comes down to perception, how our customer experiences the product and service provided by us. It’s not what we believe or think, not what our studies or focus groups tell us, but what our actual customers look, feel & touch. So we understand that our bottom-line, financial results are tied to customer satisfaction and quality. At City Light Switchgears L.L.C. quality is measured along two dimensions, the physical and the performance (product quality, service quality, responsiveness, assurance, tangibility, empathy & reliability).

Development of people

We develop confidence and trust which begins to emerge, together with a more systematic and open approach, leading to a clearer and more methodical way of working. There is greater valuing of people, clarification of purpose, establishing of objectives, systematic collection of information, considering of all options, preparation of detailed plans and progress reviews to make improvements.

Environment & Energy Conservation

Our products & services can become a part for our customers in Green building rating system to facilitate design, construction, operation and evaluation of environment friendly industries & buildings.

About Us

City Light Switchgears L.L.C. is an Electrical Switchgear Panel Builder, Industrial Automation system integrator, Special Purpose Machine Development, Energy Auditing & provider specialized in blending market leading products into total integrated solutions for you.


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