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Power Monitoring
Simple metering solution for basic energy measurement: with digital power meters

  • Basic power monitoring system: communication enabled power equipment
  • Remote energy monitoring services: Web server devices
  • Power monitoring and analysis system: High end power meters & intelligent protection relays
  • W.A.G.E.S. Utility Monitoring System (water, air, gas, electricity, steam): Integrating using a medium range of PLC to collect the data from each device and generate reports, trends, alarms etc.
  • Simple load control/shedding solution: with motorized circuit breakers
  • Enterprise energy management: Utilizing power meters with communication type and embedding with a monitoring software
  • Load shedding schemes: Complex load management & Load Shedding schemes are implemented using high speed PLC logics
  • Power quality

  • Power factor correction: incorporating PFCC units with capacitor banks
  • Harmonic filtering: employing new generation sinewave filters
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Equipment: dedicated ATS units for Mains/Generator switching mechanisms
  • Critical power

  • Flexible and modular solution for IT rooms
  • Coordinated surge protection for distributed loads
  • Critical power protection for medium to large Data Centers: Using intelligent UPS systems
  • intelligent Power & Motor Control Centre for continuous and critical process: achieved with electronic motor protection & intelligent relays
  • Pump & Fan control

  • Energy savings guarantee for fan applications: using drives
  • Compact & Remote pumping solution for lifting stations, small pumping stations or reservoirs: using multiple devices such as – RTU’s , touch screen HMI, intelligent motor protection relays integrating all together with PLC system and SCADA software
  • Integrated solution for wastewater treatment plants: using multiple devices such as – RTU’s , touch screen HMI, intelligent motor protection relays integrating all together with PLC system and SCADA software

  • Refrigeration control

  • Basic cold and building automation system for supermarket: Micro & Nano PLC’s with HMI screen
  • Refrigeration, HVAC and lighting control for retail: BMS components
  • HVAC control

  • Stand alone temperature and energy control with thermostats and load shedding contactors: Portable Power Meters with communication feature and handheld Terminal wiring devices
  • Manage ventilation in hotel bathroom: RTC
  • Fans control for Building HVAC systems: drives, electronic motor protection & micro PLC’s
  • Lighting control

  • Reflector for fluorescent fittings to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Room lighting optimization through dimmers
  • School Lighting through programmable time switches
  • Staircase & Corridors Lighting optimization through timers
  • Automated lighting in foyer cloakroom
  • Optimized Shop Windows Lighting through light sensitive switches
  • Automate lighting of access to your home
  • Manage lighting in various parts of a shop
  • Automate lighting of surroundings of a building
  • Control office lighting locally
  • Create restaurant mood lighting
  • Optimize room lighting through the use of dimmers
  • Manage lighting in building stairways
  • Room control

  • Wired solution with key card & courtesy panel: Room control system architecture Level 1
  • Wired solution with lighting control and extension capabilities: Room control system architecture Level 2
  • Wired solution with advanced lighting control system: Room control system architecture Level 3
  • Wired & wireless advanced solution with integration to third party systems: Room control system architecture Level 4
  • Building automation

  • Simple building management system for Hypermarkets and Shopping Centers: "CIRYL": Using Micro / Nano PLC’s and Touch Screen HMI systems
  • Building Management: BMS equipments & components
  • Public lighting control

  • Automate public lighting according to sunrise and sunset: Time Switch / Light Sensor/Nano PLC with RTC application
  • Lighting control solution for outdoor/street lighting: Time Switch / Light Sensor/Nano PLC with RTC application
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