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Less than half the electricity used actually makes it to the computer loads.

In a typical data center, less than half the electricity used actually makes it to the computer loads. More than half the electrical bill goes to the purchase of power consumed by the electrical power system, the cooling system, and lighting.
The total electrical consumption therefore has two principal contributors –

  • The power consumed by the IT loads
  • The power consumed by the support equipment
  • We support integrated data centre solutions that are business-wise and future-driven. Achieve higher reliability, faster and easier from concept to commissioning with more scalable and adaptable solutions that save initial CaPex costs through rightsizing. Reduce data center physical infrastructure and operational expenditure.

    Various proposals to address the waste of power in data centers by improving the performance of power and cooling systems have been described in the literature. Some of these, such as direct water pipe connections to IT devices and DC power distribution, promise incremental improvements to system efficiency but are impractical today. We assist an improved data center architecture
    – Available and practical today
    – That reduces the energy consumption of the power and cooling systems by more
    than 50% in a typical installation.

    The new architecture described here is not simply a physical configuration
    of equipment or improved efficiency of individual devices
    – It is a whole-system makeover that combines the best elements of
    data center design:

  • Engineering design of individual devices
  • Power distribution
  • Inter-component communication and coordination
  • Cooling strategy
  • System planning
  • Management tools
  • To understand how we can dramatically reduce this inefficiency remember that ALL non-power-path support is consider ed inefficiency in this model we need to understand the five key contributors, which are:

  • Inefficiencies of the power equipment
  • Inefficiencies of the cooling equipment
  • Power consumption of lighting
  • Over-sizing of the power and cooling systems
  • Inefficiencies due to configuration
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