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The right solutions for new or existing projects.

At City Light Switchgears L.L.C., it’s important that we not only provide industry-leading products, but also the best support in the industry. Alpha’s site support team, is dedicated to providing our customers with general information and technical resources, as well as support for OEMs, project and product orders and emergency services.

Dedicated and available, support team is at the heart of customer satisfaction. Providing a single point of contact for all customer pre and post-sales and order-processing enquiries, we develop close relationships with customers. Not only in supporting reactive role, but also proactively – giving you information before you even ask – on delayed delivery, for instance.

Why call?

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  • Customers reach out to us on various subjects and the analysis of these queries allows us to detect and avoid recurrent questions as well as to identify areas for improvement.

    With maintenance crews being reduced and under more pressure to cover a wide range of plant and equipment, the need for extra onsite maintenance resource that can be called upon on as and when basis can be critical in making sure all necessary preventive maintenance tasks are carried out to ensure the site reliability. Our site maintenance teams can provide that extra backup across a range of jobs and disciplines to ensure the site personnel are fully supported.

    We have technicians & engineers from a range of disciplines including electrical, mechanical and electronic personnel, we can support to provide assistance in a range of site maintenance activities. Whether it is the installation or removal of switchgear equipments, carrying out regular preventive maintenance activities or assisting in shutdowns, we assist on site teams where extra personnel are required.

    In addition to the fitting of plant, our site maintenance teams can carry out a wide range of other work in the form of plant inspections as part of preventive maintenance initiatives, fault finding, repairs of switchgear equipments on site or the commissioning of drives or other electronic equipment.

    About Us

    City Light Switchgears L.L.C. is an Electrical Switchgear Panel Builder, Industrial Automation system integrator, Special Purpose Machine Development, Energy Auditing & provider specialized in blending market leading products into total integrated solutions for you.


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