Inteligent MCC

MCCs have moved rapidly to include the latest component technologies and integrating.

Motor control centers (MCCs) occupy a prominent role in control schemes, housing a comprehensive array of control and monitoring devices. MCCs have moved rapidly to include the latest component technologies and integrating these advanced technologies presents a major opportunity – to transform islands of data into useful information that minimizes downtime. This paper focuses on technology integration methods in MCCs, and quantifying associated costs and benefits.

The iMCC integrates intelligent devices, device level networks and the industry-finest structure and bus systems for maximum flexibility to meet the widest variety of applications and industry needs. It offers a total solution package with "intelligent" components and cabling solutions.

The iMCC reduces installation time and costs by replacing large bundles of field-control wiring with either pre-wired I/O or networking technology. Total installed cost-savings generally average 10% to 30%.

Features include:

  • Lower commissioning costs
  • Flexibility to choose various distributed I/O configurations
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Process diagnostics that simplify maintenance by allowing users to detect
  • Correct problems before they become critical
  • Enhancing motor protection efforts
  • Preventing damage and minimizing downtime
  • Factory-wired I/O; each I/O point is tested prior to shipment
  • Complete set of documentation provided with the iMCC
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